WE all know how quickly children grow up and, before parents know it, their clothes don’t fit and they’re in desperate need of new ones. 

Now, a busy mum and organising pro has shared a genius hack to keep on top of how many outfits need to be removed from their wardrobe so you know when to buy new ones.

Kate Bast shares family tips, tricks and hacks via her popular TikTok profile @thebastfamily.

One of her most recent videos was titled: “The BEST hack for outgrown clothing! #parenthack #babyhack #toddlerhack #momsoftiktok #organizationhacks #kidhack.”

In the video, which has been liked hundreds of times, Kate videoed herself placing a bag at the end of the rail in her kids’ wardrobe.

She then explained: “Hang a bag in the closet and when you find something that doesn’t fit, throw it in.

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“Then take it out when the bag is full to move it to storage – it saves endless trips to the attic.”

As Kate shared the tip, fellow parents praised the idea and said they couldn’t believe they hadn’t been doing it all along.

One wrote: “So easy! Thanks for sharing.”

Another said: Great idea!!!! We have to do a full cleanse and donation."

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While a third commented: “Omg. This is a fantastic idea!! Love it, Kate!”

As others hailed the idea as “so smart”, other people shared their own techniques for keeping on top of their kids’ clothes.

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One said they have a bag hidden in their room for this exact thing.

While, another person shared: “I have a hamper in a corner for them.”

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