I'm blessed with curves from the front but have a 'bannock bum,' trolls send puke emojis about my body, I don't care | The Sun

A PLUS-SIZED woman has declared herself blessed with curves from the front.

But from the side, she figured it was a very different story and bemoaned her flat "bannock bum."

She was able to take it in her stride, however, because this lady screams a body-positive image.

There is little that can knock her self-confidence.

However, nasty trolls have tried, sending her puke emojis.

Megan Brock (@fangirl.95) will not be taken down by these body censors.

She doesn't care about the opinion of faceless keyboard warriors.

Anyway, this sassy lady has enough support and admiration from her 37,000 followers to enable her to keep feeling the love.

“Blessed with curves," she said in one of her posts.

But she was able to acknowledge a part of her body that was less curvy and she was less keen on: “Cursed with the indigenous bannock bum.”

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Megan is not shy about getting her belly out, and most of the time she is met with admiration.

But there are occasions when she has to deal with the haters.

“Plus size girls are vomit emoji," is an example of some of the jibes she has to face.

She wasn't diminished by the slurs: “Take away your things and go, can’t take back what you say," she lip-synched to a backing audio.

In another post, one viewer felt the need to share their view: “I’m not into big girls that don’t shave.”

Megan's response seemed to shut them up: “I don’t shave anything. Whatever floats your boat.”

Commenters crowded out the haters in her posts.

“Love a natural woman," said one person.

“God what a woman. I’m really happy to have found you here," said another.

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This fan could see no wrong: “Chic tummy is super and I don’t like girls who shave.”

And this viewer was bowled over: “Wow your belly looks amazing so soft and jiggly.”

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