I'm not buying Christmas presents for my teen kids – people think it's harsh but I've got a good reason | The Sun

A LOT of people disagree about the right time for parents to stop making a huge fuss out of Christmas for their kids.

Some call it a day when they move out, others wait until they've got their own jobs and some keep the festivities going for decades.

But one mum confessed that she's calling it quits this Christmas for her two teen kids.

Since they both owe her money she's not going to bother buying them any presents this year, but not everyone agrees with her rule.

She explained on Mumsnet: "I’ve always ensured I do what I can for them at Christmas and birthdays, to which they’re always grateful.

"However, this year they’ve both borrowed around £500 to £1,000 off me, with the promise to pay it back quickly, but six months has gone by and I’ve not received a penny from either of them."


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Although both teens assure their mum that they'll get the money back to their mum soon, she said she's yet to see a penny.

To make matters worse, both the teens have jobs so make some of their own money as well.

The mum said she knows they'll both "eventually" pay her back, but she doesn't see why she should fork out even more money on presents for them.

"It feels wrong to when they owe me money as it is," she explained.

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That said, she admitted she'd end up feeling "really guilty" if she didn't buy them any Christmas presents.

Other parents could relate to the mum's struggle, but thought not getting them anything would be harsh.

One said: "Personally I would still get them something, maybe not to the amount you would have but you are still their mum whatever so will still be nice for them to have something to open from you, even if it's just a set of smellies and a box of chocolates."

A second joked: "Get them a Lynx or B&H gift set. That learn 'em."

Someone else suggested that the mum should "buy them a small gift and reduce the amount that they owe you in line with how much you'd usually give."

Another said: "Chocolate Orange each and a reduction written in the card."

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