I'm plus-size and there are four things other curvy women should stop doing when buying shorts – your thighs will chafe | The Sun

THERE'S no summer shopping ritual more annoying than hunting down the perfect pair of shorts.

Things only go from bad to worse if you're a curvy girl and have to deal with your thighs rubbing together.

It turns out that you don't have to deal with burning thigh chafe when you wear shorts if you know what to look for when you shop.

Fashion whizz ChiChi shared some of her best tricks and tips for plus-sized girls that will save your thighs this summer.

Don't buy your usual size

If you don't have time to try things on when you're shopping you might just pick up shorts in the same size that you wear in jeans.

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It might seem to make sense, but according to ChiChi this mistake is ruining your look.

The pro explained: "When it comes to denim shorts they have a lot more of a relaxed vibe."

She added: "You want to have some room in your shorts because the last thing you want is for your shorts to be so tight that they begin to restrict the circulation on your thighs."

Not only that, but tight shorts are more likely to rid up your legs and annoy you throughout the day.

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Avoid short shorts

Chi Chi explained why shorter length shorts can be a nightmare for curvier woman, "it's the dreaded ride up," she said.

"The ideal length for curvy girls to prevent shorts from ending up all the way up when you're walking is to go for a longer length.

"You want to pick a pair about an inch or two inches longer than where your thighs meet."

However, if you can't bare to part with your short shorts you can use double sided tape on the inside of your thigh and shorts to keep them in place.

"Remember when things get hot we get sweaty and things might start to move though," ChiChi said.

Find the right silhouette

The same silhouette wont suit every figure, so finding a style of shorts that compliments your shape is a must when it comes to shorts.

The fashionista recommended sticking to more tailored styles and avoiding relaxed boyfriend fits.

"Boyfriend styles are made very rigidly, have little to no stretch and they're cut very boxy, they don't take into account your waist to hip ratio," she explained.

Stick to tailored, dressy like paper bag style shorts for a more comfortable fit that will compliment your curvy frame.

Know your measuremeants

If you can't stand the thought of venturing into a busy shop to buy jeans in person, knowing your exact measurements is the key to ordering shorts online.

CHiChi said: "Measure your hips, measure your waist, and use those when making sizing decisions."

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According to the pro, just because you normally wear one size doesn't mean that you'll always be that size.

Knowing your measurements is the only way to bag a pair of shorts that will fit properly if you don't want to try them on in the shop.

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