I’m sick of my neighbour’s mean kids constantly demanding to play in MY garden, It’s driving me insane | The Sun

IT'S great when our kids get on with the neighbour's kids.

But for one woman that isn't the case and she revealed she's been driven 'insane' by her neighbour's mean children.

Taking to Mumsnet, the mum revealed that her neighbour's kids are constantly demanding to play in her garden even though they bully her children.

Her children aged three and six, were playing on their bikes outside supervised by the mum when her neighbour's children aged four, seven and nine started to join in.

But now the mum has been driven insane as the older children on the street have started bullying hers and still demand to come into her garden to play.

She said: "Since then the 4 and 7-year-old have knocked on our door multiple times a day asking to play in our garden.


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"They often bring the older kids from down the road with them, are boisterous, ask for drinks and snacks and don’t actually play with my children."

She explained that despite letting the children down politely they have still asked to play in her garden constantly.

She added: "I feel I can’t have them there unsupervised because they are mean to my kids, and trash the place throwing sand and mud everywhere and kicking footballs at my kids."

The mum continued: "I ask them to leave while my kids have dinner and they argue, saying it’s fine for them to stay.

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"I obviously say no it’s not fine and they need to go, but it’s met with eye-rolling and gutting!"

Despite telling the kids to go home they ring the doorbell every ten minutes to see if they can use their garden and shout to her children asking if they can come over.

The mum added that it was driven her insane and asked if she was being unreasonable to tell them F-off the next time they rang the doorbell.

But people on Mumsnet instantly took the mum's side, one wrote: "Say no, if they don’t stop go to their parents and tell them they need to get their kids to pack it in."

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Another person commented: "Try to be firm. If that doesn't work, speak with their parents. It sounds like they're just using you and your kids for your play equipment unfortunately."

A third penned: "Tell them no and speak to their parents if they keep knocking when you've asked them to leave."

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