I’m the Queen of thrifting and I got loads of my Christmas dinner for £2.10 in Aldi, here’s how | The Sun

WITH Christmas just days away, many people will have their turkeys ordered and will be heading to the shops to buy their vegetables.

But before you go, one woman has revealed that she managed to get all of her Christmas vegetables for only £2.10 in Aldi.

Savvy shopper Stacey, also known as Queen Thrifter, who posts on TikTok under the username @queenofpreloved, has revealed that she got her Christmas dinner essentials for just 19p each.

Stacey has amassed an impressive 17.3k followers and 277.1k likes on the video sharing platform, where she regularly reveals her thrifting tips and tricks.

Stacey was lucky enough to buy potatoes, carrots, Brussels sprouts and more, all for 19p each, thanks to Aldi’s new money-saving vegetable deal.

Supermarkets are set for a price battle over the cost of Christmas vegetables with Aldi, Sainsbury's and Lidl now offering dinner essentials for just 19p each.

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Stacey was lucky enough to get her hands on the cut-price vegetables and was eager to show her followers her bargain buys.

She posted her clip with the caption ‘Let's see what I bought for £2.10!’

Stacey said: “Hey, so I’ve got the bargainous vegetables from Aldi and I’m going to show you what I’ve got.

“I’m going to show you what I got for £2.10.

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“So I bought two suedes – these were 19p each.

“We don’t really have suede on the Christmas dinner but I saw a TikTok hack for suedes that I want to try so I bought two of those. 

“I bought a white cabbage and a red cabbage – 19p each.

“We’ll have the red cabbage on Christmas dinner but the green cabbage is going to go into coleslaw.

“Two bags of sprouts – 19p each.

“Gareth absolutely loves sprouts and we make a coleslaw with sprouts too.

“As a family that eat a tonne of veg, this is exceptionally cheap for us and amazing.

“The parsnips were also 19p.

“Last year I ordered my parsnips from Tesco Online and I think they were around the same, 20p a bag, but they were s**t.

"They came and they were so skinny, they were either really massive and then really skinny ones that were basically unusable because they just burnt in the oven.

“But I’m really impressed with the size of these parsnips for 19p a bag.

“Carrots 19p a bag, again, really nice sized carrots in there, really fresh looking.

“And a bag of spuds were 15p and I got two of those.

“What I would say is don’t overbuy, don’t do that silly because it’s so cheap buy tonnes of it, because that’s just ridiculous.

"But if you’re going to use it in the run up to Christmas or between Christmas and New Year, which we definitely will, it is advantageous to buy and then a few extras.

“If you’re on a budget and you don’t want to spend a lot of money on your Christmas dinner, this is amazing.

“I think Lidl have started doing it already and I think Sainsbury’s are doing it as well, probably Asda and Tesco, but I think Aldi stuff is actually really nice.”

If you are worried that your vegetables won’t stay fresh until Sunday if you buy them now, Stacey shared her top advice.

She added: “Take everything out of the plastic packaging and I would suggest putting it all in a cardboard box with some kitchen paper on the top.

“Put it somewhere dark and cool and your veg wil last so much longer.”

Stacey posted her video just 18 hours ago, but it has clearly impressed many, as it has already racked up 17.5k views.

It has 398 likes, 38 comments and 13 shares.

One person said: “What a score 😳 never in Canada would I get that price” to which Stacey replied “It occurs every year at Christmas in our supermarkets, some slightly different to others, people need it more now than ever.”

Another added: “I got exactly the same from Aldi.”

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A third commented: “I bought mine yesterday to make my hot pot with.” 

Whilst someone else noted: “We wrap ours in newspapers and put in a box the garage stays fresh for the week.”

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