I’m told I go from a 5 to a 10 when I wear a bikini but people say I’m a 10 no matter what | The Sun

WHILE SOME of us feel more confident covering up our bodies, other women find it liberating to take their kit off.

And one woman has revealed that she feels much better in a bikini than a baggy t-shirt.

Elle, who goes by @heymisspark3r over on TikTok claimed she goes from an average five to a solid 10 when she changes into a bikini.

To demonstrate, the brunette beauty swapped an oversized band t-shirt for a leopard print bikini top and black bottoms.

The social media user has over 140k followers and has received over two million lies on the app.

Elle regularly shows off her hourglass figure in videos, leaving many impressed.


I go from an average 5 to a hot 10 when I wear a bikini…my body is off the scale

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But the woman claimed she's often told she looks more attractive in a bikini, which she demonstrated to her followers.

She said: "they say I'm a 5 in clothes but a 10 in a bikini, do you agree?"

Elle posed on her bed wearing the baggy t-shirt, just seconds later, her top was off and she rocked a bikini showcasing her curves.

And her video has clearly impressed her followers, raking in over 50k views and over 4k likes.

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People quickly took to the comments section of the video to share their thoughts on whether she was a ten.

One wrote: "You're a 10 no matter what."

Another person commented: "Ain't no number, beauty is all I see."

A third penned: "10 either way."

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Meanwhile, a fourth added: "You go from 10 to 100."

"Beautiful either way," claimed a fifth.

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