I'm very well endowed & I shouldn't complain, but I worry I'll fall out of bras & my boobs suffocate me on the leg press | The Sun

A GYM fan has shared her workout dilemma, but it's a problem she acknowledged many others would like to have.

She happily admitted that she was very well endowed but the specter of her boobs falling out of her bra was ever present.

Deanna Burgess (@mrsdeannaburgess) didn't want to sound like she was complaining, but it was a concern that wouldn't go away.

Even when she was on the leg press, she feared her boobs would suffocate her.

Deanna is a “busy mama, and fitness mindset coach.”

But all the mindfulness in the world won't change this problem for her.

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This lady, however, bore it all with some healthy self-deprecating humor.

“Having big tiddies is not always the best thing," she said in her post while walking on a treadmill at the gym.

“The lifting Gods don’t make it easy on the well endowed," she continued.

Surely, she wondered, there must be other women like her.

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“Am I the only one? Is it just me or is it like big t*ttie life?"

Before anyone took a shot at her for moaning about her generous breasts, she explained how they just got in the way of a good workout sometimes.

“And I don’t mean to complain because I know I’m very well endowed.

“And lots of people pay to have these suckers," she said.

There were occasions when they should come with a health warning.

“Every time you try and do the leg press, you’ve got them in your face like suffocating you," she despaired.

Invest in good foundations, she advised her big-boobed sisters.

“If you don’t wear a good sports bra you’re probably going to fall out."

The leg press was a particular danger zone: "[They're] all over the place."

She had identified areas where boob fall out was more susceptible.

“It’s like anything that’s like an awkward angle."

This didn't mean she was about to change her workout, however.

"But I’m not going to not do the leg press. But I would like them to be a little bit more tame."

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One commenter related to her predicament whole heartedly.

“Literally. Ha ha, push-ups, sit-ups, everything. Running? Oufff," they said.

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