I’ve always been a loyal Tesco girlie but I tested out Lidl & Farmfoods to try & cut costs & was stunned at what I got | The Sun

A LOYAL Tesco shopper revealed that she went to Lidl and Farmfoods for the first time to see if she could cut the cost of her shopping.

Kerrie Essex (@kerrieessexbaker) recently took to TikTok to show off her whopping haul of food from the two cheap supermarkets, leaving many very impressed.

The mother was left stunned at the amount of food she got for her money, as she said: “Today I decided to go somewhere else for my shopping.

"I usually go to Tesco but I really wanted to cut the costs with everything going so expensive I thought I’d try Lidl and Farmfoods.

“I’ve never been to these shops in my life soI thought I’d give them a go.”

Kerrie started out by showing the bargain buys she picked up from Lidl.

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She bagged Mini egg yoghurts, bottles of flavoured water, pizza, bacon, chicken breasts, chicken kievs and cheese.

She also got crumpets, squash, peppers, broccoli, white potatoes, tomatoes, carrots and more.

Kerrie noted: “I was quite impressed, I did get quite a lot.

“The Lidl shop came to £110 in total.”

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Showing off her items, she added: “Massive bag of British potatoes because we go through potatoes like no tomorrow.

“We’ve got some golden syrup [porridge] because the boys absolutely love porridge.

“I thought that was a really good shop for £110.

“You get a lot less than that in Tesco.

“Mozzarella sticks, can’t wait to have them. Some yoghurts, some strawberries.

“Then the bakery, oh my god, the bakery.”

The bargain hunter then explained: “Then we went to Farmfoods and this is what we got.”

Kerrie picked up lots of freezer food, including hash browns, chicken dippers, steak bakes, fish fingers, popcorn chicken and pizza fingers.

She also got pasta, sausages, pepperamis, Cadbury ice creams, milkshakes, butter and custard slices.

Not only this, but she also nabbed Soreen mini loaves, Mini egg cakes, digestive biscuits and a variety of sweets too. 

That wasn’t all, as she also got a variety of sauces, baked beans and even some dog treats. 

She continued: “All of this shop from Farmfoods was £135.

“I got a big pack of 12 toilet rolls as well.

“Highly recommend. Considering I’ve never been to these two places, I absolutely love them.

“I couldn’t get over, the chocolate spread was £2 for 700g, absolutely massive. 

“I’m really impressed with my shopping.

“We didn’t save, but we got a lot more for our money with these shops.” 

Kerrie posted her clip just 20 hours ago, but it has clearly impressed many, as it has quickly amassed 241.6k views.

It has 10k lilies, 340 comments and 35 shares.

Many social media users revealed that they too love shopping in Lidl and Farmfoods. 

One person said: “Love Lidl or Aldi.”

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Another added: “Farmfoods is great! We shop there all the time.” 

A third commented: “I ran to Farmfoods. I absolutely loved pizza fingers as a child and now my kids do.”

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