I've always been made fun of for my last name – my husband's is no better, I'd be an 'idiot' to hyphenate them | The Sun

A WOMAN shared her unfortunate last name and people were shocked by its severity.

Unfortunately, her husband's last name wasn't much better.

Alanna, @alannapc, shared the names in a video with over her TikTok followers.

"Tell me the most unfortunate name you've ever heard," a man asked.

Alanna saw the opportunity as the perfect moment for her to shine.

"This is what I was born for," she said.

"Worst name I ever heard? Try the Crummy-Dick wedding."

She explained that her last name is Crummy and her fiance's last name is Dick.

The two had been together for almost a decade and she reassured the audience that this is a true story.

"I'm going to take his last name when we get married because no matter what, it's a lose-lose situation for me," she joked.

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"Either I keep the last name that I've had for the last 26 years of my life where everyone makes fun of me or I take his last name and get continued to made fun… or f**king hyphenate," she said.

Fortunately, she understood what a bad decision that would be: "I'm not an idiot but everything for our wedding says Crummy-Dick."

"I can't imagine how our vendors are feeling."

People took to the comments to share their thoughts: "Option 4: Make up a name together," suggested one commenter.

"You guys can change both last names and just create a new one," said another.

"You guys really just need to change your last names into something new it's 2021 like seriously," said a third.

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