Kate ‘almost invisible’ hair hack ‘works a treat’ to keep her hair smooth and sleek

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Miranda Holder is a stylist who has worked with the likes of Little Mix and Boy George. She posts fashion tips and insights on her TikTok account, including a number of Kate Middleton’s secret style tricks.

The fashion expert said: “This favourite hair hack of Kate Middleton’s might just surprise you.

“Kate is known for her lustrous thick mane of hair, which sometimes can be quite difficult to tame, especially when she has to wear it up for formal events.

“The Duchess of Cambridge, however, has solved the problem with this as surprising as it is rather old-fashioned hair hack.”

So, how exactly does the Duchess keep her gorgeous hair looking neat, tidy, and chic?

Miranda said: “She uses a hair net. This hack works a treat as it keeps all the stray hairs in place.”

She described the trick as “almost invisible” and “well disguised” in the Duchess’s chestnut brown hair.

One follower remarked: “Am I blind? I can’t see a hairnet.”

Miranda responded: “It’s there! But delicate and blends in well!”

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One fashion enthusiast said: “Hair nets are great, I dance ballet and with a hairnet, you can shape your bun and make it flat.”

Another said: “I have been wearing a fine hair net for years on my updos.”

Miranda commented on a number of other style “tricks”, including wearing a certain print to “shows she’s not taking herself seriously.”

She noted the Duchess is adopting polka dots into her wardrobe as a staple print.

How to get the Duchess of Cambridge's flawless hair style

“She wore dots for ascot, dots for Wimbledon, and even dots for Prince Philip’s memorial service earlier this year,” the fashion expert pointed out.

The print is associated with the dance, the polka, and became popular in the mid-19th century.

Miranda said: “Polka dots portray fun, softness, and a sense of playfulness.

“By wearing the print Kate is showing that she is not taking herself too seriously.”

She disclosed another styling trick used by the royal to keep heels feeling comfortable all day. 

Kate wears a special pair of tights anyone can get hold of, Miranda claimed.

She said: “It’s all in the hosiery. Royal ladies are meant to wear tights or stockings when out in public and Kate wears a special pair.”

Kate wears the John Lewis & Partners 7 Denier Barely There Ladder Resist Non-Slip Tights. The tights cost just £6.

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