Kate wears two key colours as Princess of Wales to ‘denote power’

Kate Middleton's style tips revealed

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Kate Middleton, 40, stepped onto the public stage in 2011 when she married her long-time boyfriend Prince William. The Princess of Wales has experienced a style evolution throughout her time as a royal, from being Miss Middleton, to the Duchess of Cambridge, and now as the Princess of Wales.

Behavioural expert Darren Stanton spoke to Express.co.uk about the Princess’ style evolution and how this has been impacted by her growing confidence.

He said: “In the decade that Kate has been attending official events with William she did not always exude the levels of confidence that she does now.

“She has very much grown and developed into her own person and a significant member of the Royal Family.”

What was Kate’s style like when she first joined the Royal Family?

The expert claimed: “When we look at her clothing from 2011, her outfits were not as coordinated and her body language was definitely not as self-assured.

“She used to make lots more nervous gestures, like biting her lip or crossing her arms to the front,” Mr Stanton observed.

Why did Kate perform these gestures?

He added: “A person would often make this gesture in order to take up as little space as possible, which is psychologically saying I want to make myself as invisible as possible,” the expert claimed.”

How has her style developed since becoming the Princess of Wales?

Mr Stanton argues that Kate now uses two colours as the Princess of Wales to “denote power”.

He explained: “However, while analysing their recent visit to Wales, Kate donned her favourite colour of red, which I often refer to as her superhero colour.

“Most superheroes wear uniforms of red or blue –  primary colours that denote power,” the expert opined.

Does this mean Kate believes herself to be more powerful now by wearing these two colours?

Mr Stanton suggested: “Kate always looks very striking in red or blue, which works well when representing the Royal Family.

“On this type of walk around event, where she had to interact with members of the public and civil dignitaries, Kate obviously opted for red to signify power and complete confidence in herself.”

Kate’s red outfit in Wales on September 27 consisted of a ‘Spencer’ red coat from LK Bennett.

In addition, just last week in Northern Ireland, Kate wore a light blue outfit, again choosing one of her “superhero colours”.

She opted for an Alexander McQueen blue coat on top of a Winser London blue silk blouse.

The Princess accessorised with a navy leather bag from Demellier London and navy heels from Gianvito Rossi.

Kate completed the look with some smart navy cigarette trousers.

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