Kim Kardashian's 'minimalist Monastry looks cold & sterile' – but there are family touches, interior expert says | The Sun

THE various Kardashian homes have been featured regularly on their reality shows over the years.

Kim's new house has a whole new feel to it, swapping out lavish looking décor for a more minimalistic style, but their are still some personal touches.

Interior design expert Victoria Foster, who works as an in-house stylist at SCS in England, shared her insights into Kim's $60 million home.

The Skims founder has referenced Axel Vevoordt as her main inspiration when designing her Calabasas home.

"Axel Vevoordt is known as 'The Maestro of Minimalism.' His finesse for earthy hues and soft-toned interiors dominate his designs," Victoria told The U.S. Sun.

Victoria called the home Kim created with her ex husband Kanye a "minimalist monastery."

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The interior of the home features mostly white, cream, and beige tones, as seen in Kim's house tour with Vogue.

However, after Kimye went their separate ways, Kim has been adding her own personal style to the space.

Victoria said the additional touches gave the home a "cozier and more intimate feel."

One step Kim took to achieve this warmer look was purchasing new living room furniture.

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"Although cream sofas are not the usual choice of a family home, remarkably Kim Kardashian’s furniture looks amazing and, maybe due to her significant budget, she’s been able to really perfect the minimalist trend," the expert explained.

She detailed how the curved style of the sofa is matched throughout the home, a popular trend this year.

Victoria said that while Kim's home may appear cold and sterile, the home is very much family orientated in its design.

"The children have the opportunity to express themselves with color and fun activities, leaving the rest of the house a calm and tranquil space," she said.

The interior expert also explained how the plush rug and soft lighting in the master bedroom help create a homely comforting feeling, "adding some depth to the neutral surroundings."

Victoria revealed that she's a fan of the classy minimalist look Kim has created in her space.

She explained: "Throughout Kim’s house, one of the features I personally love is the tall arched ceilings, a sign of beautiful and sophisticated architecture creating a feeling of never-ending space."

The designer said that its understandable that Kim's taste might not be for everyone, but its a warm space.

She said: "Kim has expressed her desire for her home to be a sanctuary from an outside chaotic world and her choice of color and upholstery throughout the home definitely represents that.

"Kim has been able to design a home that works for her and her family whilst being incredibly aesthetic and finished to an extremely high quality," Victoria concluded.

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