Although temperatures have dropped since the hottest day ever recorded in Britain, it’s still muggy and uncomfortable in many places.

Throughout the day it’s normally tolerable, but this kind of heat can make it difficult to get to sleep. Plus, if you have night sweats or hot flushes, it’s even harder to relax.

There are a number of ways to make summer nights more bearable, with experts suggesting everything from exercise to diet changes in support of a better night’s rest.

One thing that’s guaranteed to make or break your slumber, though, is your sleeping environment.

From the mattress you’re sleeping on to the amount of light in your room, it’s important to maintain optimum forty winks conditions – and your nightwear factors into this too.

Around a fifth of people sleep naked, which is great for regulating body temperature on warm nights. However, some experts claim that allowing sweat to lie on your skin may make you feel hotter, so for those of us who prefer to be a little more covered, suitable pyjamas are key.

Anything too tight, too warm, or in a material that’s not breathable can disrupt REM sleep, so look for sleepwear that’s specifically designed to wick sweat and stay cool.

To help you on your way to a more chilled night’s sleep, we’ve rounded up the best lightweight PJs and nightdresses of the season.

Cotton Modal Shortie Set

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Cherry Vest Knicker Short Set

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Knee-length Supima Nightdress

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Angelica Frilled Short Pyjamas

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Modal Truesleep Pyjamas

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Amorbella Short Sleeve Bamboo Nightshirt

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Goodnight Pyjamas

Buy the cami for £29.95 and the shorts for £29.95 at Boody.

Stripe Brushed-Cotton Short Pyjama Set

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Femofit Bamboo Pyjamas

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