Man shares five gifts no guy wants for Christmas and there are a couple of staples which top the list | The Sun

CHRISTMAS is just around the corner, and many people have already finished shopping for festive gifts.

But if you haven't, there are a few things one man has revealed no guy wants to find under the tree.

John Baptist undertook a survey of 20 men, asking them "about the gifts they hate receiving on Christmas", and took to TikTok to share the results.

At the very top of the list was homemade gifts.

"Listen, this may sting a little bit," he said.

"We don’t mean to hurt your feelings. We just want to be honest.

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"We do not want your homemade gifts.

"Although it was thoughtful, we do not want them.

"We don’t want you to go out and spend $40 on materials and it take you 10 days to make this gift that we don’t want.

"You could have spent that $40 and got us a bottle of whatever.

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"Listen, we don’t want no smoke, we just want to give you a list of things that we do not want and we will not accept anymore for Christmas."

Next on the list was shaving kits, as John explained: "We already got five or six of them that we got for our birthdays, Valentine’s and the last few Christmases.

"We don’t want those anymore. We just don’t."

Tools was third, and "underwear, socks, ties, shirts" came in fourth.

"Get them out of here, we don’t want them!" he raged.

"Those things should not be given to us during the holiday season.

"Those things should be given to us on a regular week."

And rounding out the top five was gift cards.

"Nobody wants a gift card, unless it’s from like Apple or something," he insisted.

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"It speaks of laziness, it speaks of you didn’t put any time or effort into the gift.

"No, that’s not going to cut it this year."

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