Millie Radford sparks concern as she shares worrying video of daughter Ophelia in a hospital bed | The Sun

SUE and Noel Radford's daughter Millie has sparked concern after sharing a video of her daughter in a hospital bed.

Millie – the seventh oldest of the couple's 22 children – took to her Instagram Stories to post the clip, which showed two-year-old Ophelia attempting to eat a yoghurt.

As she watched her tablet, she took some of the yoghurt on the spoon, but appeared to be struggling to get it into her mouth.

She then had to use her other hand as well to guide the spoon into her mouth.

"Poorly poppet," Millie wrote over the video.

"She’s trying so so hard to get her body moving."

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Millie hasn't shared any further details of what's wrong with Ophelia, and her parents have also been quiet on their page.

It's been a difficult few months for Millie, whose son Chester was also in hospital in December after being diagnosed with Strep A.

Sue shared Millie's post explaining that Chester's diagnosis came after he was looked at by an "extremely rude" doctor, writing over the top: "Got the shock of my life early this morning getting woken up by Millie worried sick about Chester.

"I couldn’t believe what I was seeing – his nose pouring with blood and him looking so poorly.

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"To say we feel let down by this doctor that saw Chester at midnight on Friday is an understatement with how serious Strep A is.

"This could have been so much worse.

"Thank God for the amazing team at RLI (Royal Lancaster Infirmary)."

Chester will be turning one later this month.

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