Mum mortified after seven-year-old comes home with a VERY graphic picture… so can you work out what it’s supposed to be? | The Sun

KIDS' drawings, despite all the effort, don't always look like what they're supposed to be – and one mum certainly knows a thing or two about this.

The parent, also known as user @wowprettyneat on Reddit, took to the popular chatting forum to share the artwork – so can you figure out what it's actually supposed to be?

The rather inappropriate drawing shows shows a pair of hands reaching out toward a tap – clearly they were learning about hygiene that day.

However, fellow Redditors believed the cylinder-shaped tap looked more like a male's private parts, leaving them in hysterics.

"This is upside down and it's actually how I first saw it. It's meant to be a drawing of washing hands,'' the mum wrote.

My seven-year-old drew it last year at school".

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Although many couldn't help but laugh at the unfortunate artwork, others blamed it on the angle the child had used.

"It's not a bad drawing but perspective really is everything,'' one pointed out.

"If I was the parent, I would frame it and bring it up every time my child invited his significant other over,'' another joked.

A third chuckled: ''When it comes time for the sex talk, just pull this picture back out and explain."

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One more user said: "This drawing opened my eyes to the fact I've never been someplace with cold water on the left and hot on the right.

''That must be why it looks shocking."

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Plenty of fellow parents shared stories about their own accidental X-rated drawings and how they still 'haunt' them to this day.

One Reddit fan said: "I drew a 'golf course' in second grade that looks like an erect penis.

"There was some sort of deal attached to said drawing where parents could have keychains, etc. of the drawing made.

"My mum has a magnet on her fridge of my penis drawing."

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Another user added: "I would make fun of this but when I was seven I accidentally made a penis in Minecraft.

"It was supposed to be a fish, but mum wouldn't listen."

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