Mum reveals how to change a double duvet cover in SECONDS simply by rolling it

EVERYONE knows changing the duvet cover – particularly on a double bed – is hard work, especially when you’re on your own.

But one mum has revealed her hack to change the sheets in seconds – and it involves rolling the duvet. 

Sophie Liard shared her tip to TikTok, where it’s racked up thousands of views, as she captioned the clip ‘duvet covet hack’. 

She manages to get a brand new cover on the duvet in no time at all, and she even accomplishes the task with her toddler, Arthur, climbing all over the bed.

Sophie, aka The Folding Lady, starts by laying the duvet on top of a clean cover.

Whilst making sure all the corners stay together, she rolls the duvet down until it resembles a sausage. 

She then tucks the corners in each side, before flipping it and unrolling it to reveal the duvet is miraculously inside the cover – with minimal effort. 

Arthur gives the bed change a round of applause, as Sophie adds: “Wait for Arthur’s cuteness at the end.” 

Thousands of people have commented on the clip, claiming Sophie’s tip is magic. 

One person wrote: “Seriously!! OMG for 30 years I have been doing it all wrong.”

Another asked: “What kind of sorcery is this.”

A third commented: “That looks life changing. Hate the duvet change. I’m impressed. I’m gonna try it.” 

While this person added: “Oo, that looks so easy compared to how [to] do it, it’s like fighting a tiger and feeling exhausted after.” 

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