Mum shares what she feeds her kid before nursery as she can’t be ‘a**ed with the agg’ & goes viral for being relatable | The Sun

GETTING your kids ready for school and nursery can be a hassle in the mornings and one mum did a very relatable post about being relaxed about kids’ breakfasts.

Mum Becky shared how she sometimes allows her daughter to have crisps as her first meal of the day as she can’t be “a**ed with the agg”.

She shared a clip of her tot happily munching on a bag in her pushchair, as she explained that she’ll “get her fruit and veg at nursery.”

On her @beckylloyd100 account, she said: “Hands up if your child is having crisps for breakfast on the way to nursery.”

Becky also used the hashtag “terrible twos” to further highlight her parenting struggles at that age.

Instead of judging, most mums praised her for being “relatable” and for her honesty.

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One mum said: “My toddler survives on snacks and good vibes.”

Another added: “Chocolate coins here. Some of the foil too I think.”

A third commented: “peace is priceless.”

And a fourth chimed in: “Finally a mum posting realistic videos!!”

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Meanwhile, one joked: “Nah mine had a whole pack on billy bear ham.”

Many pointed out that at least her child wasn’t going hungry and could have nutritious food later in the day.

One mum added: “Thank god I’m not the only mum! 

“Thank you for posting this and making me feel better.”

A study of 500 educators found 72 per cent notice a significant difference between students who eat the first meal of the day and those who don't. 

Youngsters who do eat before school are more willing to take part in group activities, they’ll have higher concentration levels and appear to be happier in class.  

Whereas characteristics of those who don't have breakfast on a regular basis include giving up on tasks quickly, showing signs of tiredness and being easily distracted.  

Similarly, they aren’t as engaged compared to those who have eaten and show a lack of curiosity.  

A further 97 per cent of teachers believe breakfast, such as a bowl of cereal or toast, is very important to the success of kids at school. 

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