Mums are going wild for mega haul boxes that deliver 110 food items for just £30

MUMS are going wild for mega haul boxes that deliver 110 food items straight to your door for just £30.

Click Marketplace is flogging a huge range of haul boxes that come stuffed full of food at a fraction of the cost you’d pay in the supermarket.

The March mega haul box includes 110 items including crisps, biscuits, drinks as well as cleaning products and cooking supplies.

The box has a total value of £89.99 but is being sold for just £29.99 and mums are scrambling to get their hands on them after the boxes have received almost exclusively five star reviews.

One happy shopper wrote: “Will try and make it part of my weekly shopping..whole family was happy.

“Will certainly recommend to other friends and family 👪 😀”

Agreeing another wrote: “Love love love. Easy, fast and value for money.”

A third said: “I would definitely recommend Click Marketplace especially if you want to save a whole bunch of money on groceries.”

As well as food bundles the site also offers a range of bargain cleaning hauls, USA bumper packs and boxes of fizzy pop, all at cut-price.

The website also has a dedicated Pound Shop section where you can pick up brands for a quid or less.

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