My aluminum foil hack makes radiators so much more effective without hiking your bills – I always do it for winter | The Sun

THE rising cost of living has led some home owners to come up with innovative ways to keep warm this winter.

With that in mind, one TikToker has shared her aluminum foil hack.

She used it every winter and it has proved super-effective for her.

It made her radiators work far better without hiking up her energy bills.

Experience has shown her that this tip has kept her cozy and snug as the temperatures dropped.

If it had worked for Sarah-Louise (@queenofhell95x), she figured it would work for others too.

"I’ve always used this hack this time of year and when it's freezing temperatures outside," she explained.

"With the cost of living right now, I thought I’d share this hack with my friends. Stay warm," she said.

It was sustainable too, using recycled materials for part of this hack.

Even better, there would be little strain on your wallet.

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By using this hack, heat was reflected away from the wall and back into the room.

Sarah-Louise demonstrated her method in her post, and it was so easy.

"Get a cardboard box and cut it up so it’s in long strips, cover it with foil, tape the edges down, and pop it behind your radiator."

That was it, but she said it would have to be customized: “You may have to cut it so it fits your radiator."

One commenter suggested there might be another way of adapting this hack.

They said: “Amazing, then take it out, throw it in your bed and you don’t need a heated blanket.”

Sarah-Louise approved: "That’s such a good idea.”

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