My 'busy girl' Pilates routine takes just 10 minutes but absolutely snatches your bod – it works your glutes, too | The Sun

THE excuse that there isn’t enough time in the day to work out and get fit is no longer valid.

A Pilates pro said becoming snatched only takes 10 minutes a day.

Courteney Fisher (@justtcocoo) is a strength and Pilates coach whose effective TikTok exercise routines have garnered her a following of over one million users.

Her latest piece of advice is for all those busy girls who don’t have much time to hit the gym and get a long workout in.

“POV: I show you this effective busy girl Pilates routine that takes 10 minutes but absolutely snatches and strengthens your glutes, hips, and core,” she began in the clip.

With her back to the ground, knees bent, and feet on the floor, she performed the first move: three sets of 10 glute bridges.

She then got on all fours and performed three sets of 10 knee to chest kickbacks, bringing one leg in and then pushing it out.

Her third move was called a “rainbow,” and involved doing three sets of 10 semi-circles with one leg at a time while on all fours.

Staying in the same position, she went on to do three sets of 10 fire hydrants, lifting and lowering one leg like a dog.

And finally, three sets of 10 side kneeling rainbows finished her off.

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While 10 minutes doesn’t seem like a lot of time, viewers in the comments said it was hard work, with one writing, “Absolute killer… my glutes are burning. Very effective,” and another echoing, “Hurts so good.”

Others were simply appreciative of her fitness tips.

“Thank you. That’s really useful info,” one wrote.

“You inspire me that it’s possible. Thank you for the workouts,” added another.

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