My easy laundry hack will dry your clothes indoors within an hour – all you need is a sheet | The Sun

ANYONE who has tried to dry their clothes indoors over the past few months will know it’s no easy feat.

Now that the temperature has dropped wet laundry can take days to dry leaving clothes with an unpleasant damp smell.

However, one clever woman has revealed her easy trick that will instantly speed up the drying process – and all you will need is a sheet.

Originally posted on TikTok the woman’s hack has since been shared on Reddit where it has gone viral.

Sharing the advice the woman revealed that she had tried hanging her clothes on an clothes dryer before draping a double sheet over the top.

She then tucked the end of the sheet behind a radiator meaning that the warm air became trapped in the clothes dryer meaning that her laundry dried far quicker.

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Explaining the trick she added: “It worked out well for me when I needed things to dry quicker than they usually do in the winter.

“I had my heating on for about an hour or two in the evening before bed, and an hour in the morning and it went quick.”

If you don't want to turn on your heating there are other ways to get your laundry dry indoors.

Toni Lynette, a mum from Maryland, has shared her affordable solution.

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She has a clothing line set up in her house – and you can get the gadgets for as cheap as £13.

Retractable clothing lines are great for those who have a lot of clothes to wash and dry – such as mums, on-site workers and those of us who simply like to change outfits throughout the day.

You fixate the gadget to your chosen wall, pull the line out when you need to dry your laundry and then retract it when finished. 

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