My home smells like a Jo Malone candle thanks to a simple cleaning hack that uses 20p product from M&S | The Sun

OVER the winter months, our homes can get a little stale smelling with many of us refusing to crack open a window and let some fresh air in.

IF you are guilty of this, there is a simple hack to leave your home smelling like a Jo Malone candle – without the high end price tag.

It’s not surprising that this hack has gone viral, as our noses become overloaded with the scent of musty laundry and lingering kitchen smells over the festive season.

However, this clever hack from Tiktok user @mylittlewiltshirecottage should have your home smelling as fresh as a summer’s day for just pennies.

Taking a break from her usual home renovation videos, the content creator showed her simple method for cleaning her radiator using a M&S fabric conditioner.

Even more amazingly, the hack is meant to make your home smellsimilar toJo Malone’s Velvet Rose and OUD candle – which retails for£70 and up.

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Whilst this might have you in a spin, the method is actually pretty simple – although you’ll need a towel and two bowls before getting started.

Once you’ve got the conditioner from your local Marks and Sparks, you’ll need to add a cap full to a bowl of warm soapy water.

Having done this, you’ll need to make sure that your radiator is cool to the touch and then remove the top grill.

At this point, you can give it a good scrub with your pre-made suds as well as clean the exterior of your radiator and skirting board before moving onto the next step.

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You’ll then need to put a clean towel underneath the radiator, making sure to cover anywhere you don’t want to get wet.

Placing an empty bowl underneath your radiator, you can then pour the remaining pre-made mixture through the grill – clearing all the dust and debris.

Repeat this process until your radiator is spick and span – ready for the rare occasion you turn it on this winter.

If you weren’t already in a lather about this cleaning hack, you are about to be.

The M&S fabric conditioner costs just £3.70 – meaning you will spend just 20p to do this super fresh hack (based on a spend per cap).

There is an extra benefit to this hack as squeaky clean radiators can help make your home warmer – thanks to their improved efficiently.

You can also cut back on allergens in your home, with less dust circulating in the air every time you turn your radiator on.

For those looking to really turn the heat up on dirt, you can even vacuum radiator beforehand to banish dust lingering in hard to reach places.  

With this simple hack, it will be hard not to come up smelling of roses.

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