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A SAVVY woman has shared her trick to keep her skin glowing like it's summer for half the cost and hardly any effort.

Nina, who goes by @nincutu on TikTok, shared what she called her "lazy girl winter hack" that will leave you looking like you came straight from a tropical getaway.

The influencer revealed that all you need is a good fake tan.

"My lazy girl winter hack is to only put fake tan on your face and neck and nowhere else," she said.

Nina explained: "Because the rest of your body is covered anyway so who cares?

"Unless you obviously wear something that shows the rest of your body.

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"But if you're not, like me, it works."

Nina's followers gave her the stamp of approval, with one user commenting: "Love this!"

To avoid getting it patchy on your skin, Nina advised using a one-hour express tan.

"I noticed when I use the overnight one it rubs off – which can cause the patchiness," she said.

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It comes after a fellow beauty junkie revealed that there’s no need to spend loads of cash on fancy anti-ageing creams, as thanks to her simple tricks and DIY facial mist, she has no wrinkles.

According to 42-year-old mum Kate, her DIY spray gets the same result as Botox. 

Sharing her anti-ageing tip on social media, Kate explained why banana peels (yes, you heard that correctly), paired with castor oil and rose water, are great for keeping your skin hydrated and glowy.

The wrinkle-free mother said: “Okay, so following on from my video about banana skins being amazing on your face and working as nature's Botox, one of you lovely people commented about making a facial spray from the banana skins.

“And what this lady does is she takes her banana skins, she puts them in a jar of water, and she lets them sit in the sun for a few days.

"So I did that with my bananas. Firstly, I use organic bananas.

"So I always wash my fruit and vegetables in water with a mixture of apple cider vinegar and bicarbonate of soda and that should do the job.

“So here is my banana water and to this, I'm gonna add my castor oil and my rose water.

“Now you gotta give it a good shake."

Meanwhile, beauty buff Mattie Skincare shared the rule that could leave your face spot-free without an expensive cleanser.

She has encouraged her fans to wash their faces, morning and night, for 60 seconds each time. 

That’s because massaging a cleanser into your skin for a full minute gives it time to actually work its magic. 

And it’s even more effective than investing in new products. 

The 60 second rule is easy to remember and doesn’t require overhauling your full routine in the name of glowing skin. 

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Taking to Instagram, Mattie explained that “not washing your face for long enough” is a pretty common skincare mistake. 

She added that washing your face for longer is “a good opportunity to do some facial massaging” too. 

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