My lips looked like cat's whiskers after my filler went wrong – I had to dissolve it & people say I look so much better | The Sun

SHE loved having a big, juicy pout, so relied on filler to give her the look.

But Rosie was forced to have her top lip dissolved when things went wrong – and she ended up looking like she had cat whiskers.

"So I am going to get my top lip dissolved and redone and thought I'd take everyone along the journey because I’m scared," she began her TikTok video, which she started filming back in October.

"I’m feeling a bit frightened.

"I’m just getting my top lip dissolved and redone because it’s lumpy and I hate it.

"And it looks horrible when I smile.

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"Can you see how it almost looks like cat whiskers? It’s the only way I can describe it.

"It’s all lumpy there and I hate it.

"So I’m getting it dissolved today and then I’m getting 1ml put back in in two sessions and hopefully it will be good."

She then filmed herself prior to having the appointment, but said she wouldn't be filming inside the salon for fear it would put her off having filler again.

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Once she was done, she restarted the video and said that the beautician had been left shocked by the lack of swelling after the dissolving.

"They’ve barely bruised, there’s no swelling – she was massaging them," Rosie said.

"They’re literally not swollen."

It seems she was speaking too soon though, as she then showed herself later that night – with a supremely swollen pout.

Rosie continued the video to show herself with completely dissolved lips, with 0.5ml filler in and then with the other 0.5ml filler added, when it had completely healed.

But people in the comments section insisted they preferred her look when she had no filler in at all.

"you don't need fillers. Natural look way better," one wrote.

"Your lips look loads better dissolved," another added.

"definitely better without," a third insisted.

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"Oh wow, they looked gorgeous when they were fully dissolved as well," someone else commented.

To which Rosie replied: "Haha I hated them – think I wasn’t used to them being that small!"

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