A WOMAN'S honeymoon was ruined after her husband had invited his mother to tag along.

After being together for a decade and having two kids, the US couple, Tracy, 30, and Brian, 29, decided to finally tie the knot – but Brian's a package deal with his mum, Jayne.

Appearing on the TLC show, I Love a Mama's Boy, Brian explained: ''So my mum, she's my ride or die.''

Because Jayne, Tracy's now mother-in-law, had never had a wedding of her own, Brian wanted to make sure she had a ''special day as well''.

However, whilst the duo enjoyed their close relationship, not everyone was so happy, as Tracy shared her side of the story.

''I do have to share a lot of moments with Jayne. I mean, Brian does include her in a lot.

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''Part of marrying Brian means marrying Jayne as well.

''I'm gonna do my best to make sure that I'm the priority,'' Tracy was determined.

But on their big day, the mum-of-two came to discover that it wasn't just the wedding Jayne wanted to be involved in – her new hubby had invited her to the honeymoon as well.

''We could all hang out and then night time is our type of thing,'' he revealed his plans.

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Of course, hearing the news left Tracy devastated – but despite being determined to tell the partner to ''suck it up and tell her that she's not coming'', the trio flew to soak up the sun in Hawaii with the two children.

As reported by People, Tracy had agreed that Jayne tagged along the couple – as long as she helped to take care of the kids on the trip.

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However, perhaps excited to enjoy the weather or spend more time with her son, the mother-in-law had slightly different plans in mind.

In a sneak peek, Jayne could be seen chatting up two blokes at the bar, revealing that she'd come ''here as the babysitter''.

When one of the men asked about the children's whereabouts, she chuckled and admitted she wasn't sure where the two little one were.

"Jayne is having herself a great time at the bar," Tracy said in a confessional.

"And I'm just like, what is going on? I mean, come on. Like, what happened to all the ground rules?"

But the events only become worse a few hours later, when the newlyweds, Brian and Tracy, head our for a romantic spa date.

Enjoying each other's company in the hot tub, they were suddenly welcomed by Jayne – who jumped in the jacuzzi with them.

After her son asked her where her grandchildren were, Jayne revealed she had left the two with a sitter.

"I found out that the hotel penthouse had a babysitting service," she said.

"They're in good hands."

Hearing this, Tracy chose to remove herself, before blasting Jayne's neglect of her pre-arranged babysitting obligations.

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"Is Jayne serious right now? Because this is like, really raggedy what she's doing — just showing up here and getting some random babysitter with the kids.

"If I wanted to use a hotel babysitter, then I just wouldn't have brought Jayne to begin with."

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