PICKING the perfect name for your baby is always a big decision, so when you finally land on a name you love it can feel like a huge relief.

But when one mum who was sure she was having a boy gave birth to three girls she couldn't part ways with the name she had chose.

Sharing on Quora, the user explained: "My mother is a nurse who worked labour and delivery at a southern hospital during my childhood."

Since prenatal care was so pricey at the time the user revealed that many women would come in to the hospital ready to deliver without ever seeing a doctor.

She continued: "One evening a very large woman showed up in labour and was admitted to my mother’s care.

"She wanted to have a son, and had only selected a male name, Robert.

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"Unfortunately, she did not have a son that day; she delivered triplet girls."

But the mum wasn't ready to part ways with the name she had chosen that quickly, so came up with a strange solution.

"Given the setback, she decided to stick with her plan.

"The first daughter was named “Robert,” the second, “Larobert,” and the third, “Sharobert.”

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Other users couldn't believe that the mum gave all the kids a variation of the same name.

One said: "Oh, those poor girls!"

A second said: "I worked with a girl named Janet, who had a twin named Janice. I thought it was somewhat unimaginative but she didn’t get it.

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