My mother-in-law polices what my kids wear – people say it’s ‘weird and controlling’ | The Sun

NEARLY every married person has had to deal with a difficult mother-in-law at one point or another.

Whether they are obsessing over their sons or trying to control how you raise your own kids, it’s never pleasant to deal with these situations.

One woman said her mother-in-law has the others beat when it comes to how controlling she is.

Posting anonymously to, she said that her mother-in-law gets angry when her grandkids aren’t wearing the clothes she bought them on specific days.

She said it happened this Christmas.

“I had already bought their Christmas outfits and put my kids in those, but I had put them in mother-in-law’s clothes on other days.

“Mother-in-law claims I have not put my kids in the clothes she bought. I told her that I did, but that they were a bit big for them on Christmas day, which is true.”

The mother-in-law then suggested that her granddaughter wears the outfit for her birthday instead, but the woman had something else planned.

“I like the clothes and am happy to put her in it on a Sunday, but was looking for something different for her birthday.”

She explained that she is extremely grateful for her mother-in-law and the fact that she buys her kids so much clothes, but she says she doesn’t like her controlling what they wear and when.

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“I am very Lucky and get given lots of clothes for the kids by my mother-in-law and my own mom, and I ALWAYS put the kids in their clothes as often as I can.

“I don't distinguish and don't even remember who gave them what or which ones I bought. I'm just happy I have clothes for them.”

Her mother-in-law, however, does keep track.

“Mother-in-law mentioned that she had not seen [my daughter] in a dress she bought her, but I know for a fact that she had worn the dress—mother-in-law just hasn't seen her in it yet.

“She takes pics of all the clothes she buys them and then double checks if they've been worn. I find that a bit strange and controlling.”

The woman reiterated the fact that she tries to put them in their gifted clothes as often as possible, but she hates that her mother-in-law is policing when and how often they wear it.

Users in the comments thought it was all ridiculous.

“You ignore her and if she kicks off you get her son to deal with it,” one person wrote.

“Are you still with the father? If so, surely one for him to deal with? But I'm with you, very weird and controlling,” added another.

And a third person was a bit more blunt: “Tell her you appreciate her buying you clothes, but don’t have time for this s***.”

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