My neighbour keeps using bins to reserve parking spaces outside MY house, I'm so fed up I wrote him a VERY angry letter | The Sun

IT'S always worth trying to make an effort to get on with your neighbours – even if they're not your cup of tea.

After all, who has time for petty feuds over parking spaces or the height of fence panels?

Well, one anonymous woman took to Reddit and told how she was so fed up with her "selfish" neighbour, she decided to do something about it – and took it upon herself to write him a very angry letter.

In the initial post, she asked: "Writing a letter to put through the door of a neighbour who keeps putting their bins in the road to reserve a parking space. Too much?"

She then went on to share a snap of the note, which read: "Hi! Putting your bins in the road creates a hazard and can result in fines/prosecution against you under the Highway Code.

"This is a public road and putting your bins in the road does not entitle you to reserve a parking space.


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"Evidence has been gathered and will be provided to the authorities if you continues.

"Regards, your friendly neighbour who would also like to park outside their house but isn't selfish."

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The post has since been flooded with comments from social forum users – with very mixed responses.

"Writing it in blood would send more of a message," joked one.

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A second quipped: "It’s the sort of note you expect to be scrawled in human excrement."

A third penned: "Green crayon makes quite a statement."

Meanwhile, a fourth commented: "You're sending mixed messages. Capital letters throughout= seething. Little circle under exclamation mark = cute and flirtatious."

A further suggested: "Just keep moving them even if you don't need to park there, so someone else does.

"Let him think the whole street is against him."

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However, another noted: "The entire letter is on message.

"They’re passive aggressive, with no control over their own, pathetic life, so they’re lashing out at their neighbours."

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