My neighbour put up HUGE lights around his home and leaves them on all night long – it's like living next to a prison | The Sun

LOTS of people rely on security lights to keep their homes secure.

But one person has taken things to the next level by installing what look like floodlights all the way round their house.

A picture of the setup was shared on Reddit by the person's neighbour, who wrote: "My neighbour put up new lights around his property and runs them all night long.

"We live in the suburbs and our bedroom faces this."

The first image showed the rows and rows of lights around the property, while the other was taken from a "mile away and through the fog" – with the lights still clearly visible.

People quickly took to the comments section to weigh in on the situation, with one writing: "Is your neighbour a prison?"

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"Taking house arrest to the next level," another added.

While a third commented: "Looks more like a max security prison lol."

Others wondered whether the person was "planning for a zombie invasion".

"F**king inconsiderate p**ck.." someone else raged.

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"I get the need for security but like 90% of that is completely unnecessary."

"I recommend blackout curtains," another person wrote.

To which the original poster replied: "Getting some today.

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"But that does nothing to help the light pollution caused by this s**t.

"Part of the appeal of where I live is the ability to see the stars in the sky. Not anymore."

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