A WOMAN has grown frustrated with her neighbour after he decided to turn his garden into a DJ booth.

The mum claimed her neighbour is constantly waking up her newborn baby as well as keeping her awake.

The anonymous woman took to Mumsnet to air her frustration – saying she had spoke to her neighbour's about the noise but that they had failed to stop.

She explained: "his set up in the garden is a full decks type set with chuffin flashing disco balls!

He scratches his music (if that's what it's called) and asks for requests over the microphone too…"

The mum explained she had made multiple reports to the council about the noise as it often kept her and her husband awake, as well as the baby.


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But things went from bad to worse when her neighbour stormed other to confront her about the complaints made.

"So today I saw the neighbour angrily storming down the street and then hammering with both fists on my front door, immediately my baby started screaming, I went to the door and told him I have a newborn he needs to calm down," she explained.

He asked why she reported him as no one else on the street had a problem.

The neighbour also claimed: "He works so is entitled to play music whenever he wants…"

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The argument continued to escalate and the mum closed the door, but that didn't stop her neighbour.

She claims he then began shouting through their letterbox.

Since the altercation, the mum has called the police and bought a Ring doorbell as a precaution but wasn't sure what else to do.

Many users offered the mum advice, one wrote: "I think you need to contact environmental health at your local council. They will have a word and it will be logged down as a complaint if you ever need to call the police this will be helpful."

"It sounds like from the garden set up your neighbour owns his property. If not and it's housing association, it's definitely worth getting in touch with his housing officer," another suggested.

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