My sofa was filthy and covered in water stains so I tried the saucepan lid cleaning hack and was stunned at the results | The Sun

A HACK that keeps your sofa sparkling and guests amazed will only require three household items – and you probably already own them.

This super affordable and easy hack involves just a saucepan lid, dishwasher tablet and microfibre cloth.

The hack requires a dishwasher tablet dissolved in warm waterCredit: TikTok/@ajvaughan
A hairband can be used to help keep the cloth attached to the lidCredit: TikTok/@ajvaughan

Mum-of-two Alicia Jo Vaughan shared the hack from her TikTok account and has left people astonished at the results.

Simply dissolve a dishwasher tablet into some hot water and soak a microfibre cloth into the liquid.

Then use this to wrap around a pot lid and rub across your sofa, or another furniture item that may need cleaning.

A hairband could be tied around the pot lid handle to help keep the cloth in place.

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The 28-year-old claims the hack is a life-saver when it comes to tackling stains created by her young children spilling "water, milk, and juice."

Millions of TikTok users were astounded at the results as the hack continues to rack up views.

One person commented: "I have a toddler and I swear by this! It gets clean indeed, not cleaner, but CLEAN!"

Another said in agreement: "I tried it on my sofa, game changer, I swear it was clean all, stains gone."

"I just did it and this will definitely be a ritual now for dog smells," a third added.

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The TikTok was uploaded by content creator @ajvaughan who credited the hack to @Aesthetically in Home.

In the comment section other sofa cleaning hacks were also mentioned that included using laundry tabs, bicarbonate of soda, hob cleaner and even shaving cream.

When using cleaning products make sure to check their ingredients before touching them without gloves and ensure they are safe to use in this way.

Another hack that could save you valuable time and money is one woman's oven rack cleaning tip.

The method involves just a couple of household items and efficiently removes grease and grime.

The expert, who goes by Babs to her 1.5 million TikTok followers, started by placing her racks on top of an old towel in her bathtub then filled it with hot water, making sure the racks were completely submerged.

Next, Babs poured a half cup of Dawn dish detergent over the racks then placed several dryer sheets on top.

Finally, she said to leave the racks soaking for a few ovens or overnight.

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After letting them soak, Babs used the dryer sheets to easily wipe off all of the grime.

"Unbelievable, they look brand new!" she said while proudly showing off the sparkling racks.

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