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A BRIDE found herself in a nightmare situation after her wedding dress got accidentally donated to a charity shop before her big day.

Bailey Dobson’s family had thrown a garage sale to sell off her old prom dresses that she didn’t need. 

However, they then donated the dresses that didn’t sell to a charity shop – and somehow also included her precious wedding dress.

Speaking to 5 News Online, Arkansas-based Bailey admitted: "I had a meltdown for sure. I had a little bit of a freakout.”

With the wedding months away, the family decided to take drastic action to locate the missing bridal gown, which was no longer in the Goodwill charity shop.

They took to social media to see if they could track it down, and the Goodwill Industries of Arkansas also shared a post.

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It read: “We need your help.

"A wedding dress for an UPCOMING wedding was accidentally donated and was purchased at our Walton Store & Donation Center in Bentonville (1400 SE Walton Blvd) last Saturday, July 29. 

“Please privately message us if you recognize or purchased this dress. The family is willing to pay for its return."

They included photos showing the wedding dress from the front and the back.

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By some miracle, a social media user said they had spotted the dress being sold on eBay.

Bailey’s family were able to reach out to the seller to see if they would give the dress back.

The bride continued: "So we had contacted the seller, and she was willing to take it down and give it back to us.

"Thank goodness. She's been amazing and super helpful. And we've appreciated every bit of it."

Bailey’s dress has been returned to her, and the bride-to-be said she was so grateful that she invited the seller to her wedding as a thank you.

She added: "We're hoping that she will show up and support us because she did make the experience happen. And it does only happen once."

The happy bride also left a comment on the Goodwill post, saying: "It has now been found and I am so thankful for everyone's help! 

“I cannot express it enough.

"Love you all! Thank you for taking time to share as well as all the thoughts and prayers!"

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