Noughties beauty brand brings back iconic £2 body sprays after huge shopper demand – and you're going to feel SO old | The Sun

IF you were a noughties teen, you likely doused yourself in body sprays from the likes of Wilkos and Superdrug.

Body sprays were a right of passage for most of us, before we upgraded to glass bottles of perfume.

But if you’re keen to take a trip down memory lane, you’ll be pleased to know that Impulse has brought two of its iconic scents back to shelves. 

Impulse claims to be the first body spray to combine deodorant and fragrance and was launched in the UK in 1981. 

Its products became mega popular after the Spice Girls became brand spokesmodels in 1997 for the limited-edition scent of Impulse Spice. 

They’ve still been on shelves since, but shoppers desperately missed two scents – O2 and Air. 

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Impulse has since dropped a brand new Throwback collection featuring them both. 

“For years you've been sliding into our DMs asking if we would bring back our cult classics,” bosses said. 

“We've listened and have brought back the 90s nostalgia with our new Throwback collection.”

The brand assured that each bottle has “the same intoxicating scent as before”. 

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A blurb on the O2 spray reads: “With the same distinct green bottle, get a flashback to the past with the beautiful blend of bergamot and water lily with O2 body spray.” 

A blurb on the return of Air says: “With the same refreshing scent as before and striking blue and white bottle, get a flashback to the past with the gentle blend of white moss and hyacinth with Air body spray.”

If you were a teenager in the noughties, one waft of these scents will likely have you in your throwback feels. 

You can pick them up in Superdrug for a cool £2.49 for a limited time. 

And what’s even better, the health retailer currently has a 241 deal on, meaning you can get both throwback scents for the price of one. 

Some shoppers have even been able to find the sprays in Savers for a reported £1 each.

Back in the 90s and 00s, Impulse was branded with butterflies and had the slogan: “Men can’t help acting on Impulse.”

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