Nurses thought my baby would be 10lbs but I had a massive shock when he arrived – people say he looks like a toddler | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed that nurses predicted her son would weigh 10lbs, but she was left in complete and utter shock when he arrived weighing much more.

Skye Shanelle Foster took to TikTok to open up about her birth story. 

The young mum shared a variety of pictures of her pregnancy, as she showed off her baby bump, prior to her son’s arrival. 

She confirmed that the estimated weight of her baby boy was 10lb, but when her baby boy arrived, via a c-section, she was left gobsmacked that he weighed a whopping 12lb 5oz.

Skye shared a variety of pictures of her newborn son in hospital, with many comparing him to the size of a toddler. 

Skye explained that she was induced early because of her son’s predicted weight.

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She said: “He was due November 13th, brought me in on the 8th November and had him on the 11th.

“Didn’t leave the hospital till the 16th.

"It was awful!” 

Speaking on her traumatic birth experience, Skye noted: “It was awful but wouldn’t change it for the world.” 

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She explained that her large newborn baby “went straight into 0-3 [clothes] and size 2 nappies.”

Skye’s video has clearly shocked many, as it was posted just one day ago, but has already racked up 71.2k views.

It has 3,071 likes, 80 comments and 210 shares.

TikTok users were in disbelief at the size of Skye’s son, with many saying he looked the same size as a toddler. 

One person tagged a friend and said: “Give it to the woman she pushed a full toddler out of her😳”

Another added: “Absolute warrior you are! my back would have gave up on me 😂💙” 

A third commented: “Wow!! My 5 month old is only just 12lb🤦‍♀️” to which Skye replied “Awh bless her !! Imagine when mines 5 months lol going to look like an actual toddler 😂” 

Someone else noted: “Wow one of the biggest newborns I seen😂” 

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Whilst another mum posted: "Fair play you grew a proper chunk."

Skye later confirmed: “My son is 2 months old and he's now 14lb 7.”

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