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WITH spring in full swing, many are beginning to look into how they can spruce up their gardens to enjoy the sunny weather fast approaching. 

But with the cost of living crisis impacting every area of life from food shopping to fuel, it’s not easy to fork over the cash to make adjustments that are needed. 

That’s where DIY and interiors whizz Frances comes in as the TikTok user, who boasts 29.8k followers, has shared how she’s managed to save money on her garden transformation. 

Sharing before and after photos of her garden, viewers could see how the back door was white and tattered while the grass was patchy and had no life in it. 

The back, meanwhile, had piles of dirt and a wooden fence surrounding the outline of the garden.

But with some work, they manage to change the entire space. After building an extension on the back of the house, they created an outdoor kitchen with grey decking and raised beds with young plants. 


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Meanwhile, the back of the garden has a mini greenhouse and hanging lights, giving the space an ethereal glow. 

In another video, Frances, otherwise known as @10yearsinthemaking_ on social media, shared how she managed to save money on the makeover. 

In one scene, her husband could be seen turning the soil over in a section of the garden, over which she wrote: “Prepped and laid the grass.” 

In another, he was seen stacking wooden slabs over one another as he built the outdoor kitchen himself. 

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The camera then panned over to raised beds, where they had placed “young plants rather than established ones”. 

They made light hangers for the back of the garden out of copper pipes and found the decking from Facebook. 

“Shopped the Aldi middle isle for the BBQ and mini greenhouse,” [sic] Frances went on to share as the video came to an end. 

People were impressed by the transformation, but one person couldn’t help but joke: “… how to save money? Just make your husband do all the work”. 

Frances replied: “It’s why I married him obviously”. 

“Aldi for the win,” another shared, while a third asked where she got her Salix trees from, to which she responded: “Yes Salix Flamingos, we just got them from the local garden center, they were about £25 each in 2020”. 

When one person asked the exact colour of the black paint on their fence, she shared: “It’s Bedec barn paint in matt black”. 

Others simply praised them on their hard work as one shared: “Love that you kept nature in your garden and remembered the wildlife with trees and grass”. 

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Another said: “Great to see a garden makeover on tiktok with actual plants and real grass! Stunning!” 

While a third added: “Wow incredible. Well done looks fabulous!” 

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