Parents mocked for ‘awful butchering’ of classic baby name – trolls say it ‘sounds like the Michelin Man’s sister’ | The Sun

AN innocent twist on a common baby name has stirred up social media.

Many people find it to be extra, one even comparing the moniker to the name of the mascot of the Michelin tire company.

Taking to Reddit, a user shared a picture of a white, pink, and gold Disney-themed baby cake that had been dedicated to a one-year-old.

On the cake was the name of the baby, which the Reddit user was clearly not a fan of.

"Incredible cake, awful name," they wrote.

It seems that several people in the comments section of the post shared their sentiment.

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The name in question was Hazelin.

"Why would you ruin a perfectly fine name like Hazel!!!" one frustrated Reddit user demanded.

Another asserted: "But…what's wrong with Hazel? It did not need to be butchered this way. Hazelin sounds like the Michelin Man's twin sister."

People seemed to have lots to say about the extravagant birthday cake as well.

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One person felt the cake was a bit much for the first birthday.

Another admitted that the pastry was way nicer than their own wedding cake, also being sure to note that the "name's awful."

A third user questioned: "Seriously, if they have that elaborate of a cake for a child, what do they get for a wedding???"

"Name aside, I want that cake SO bad," an additional person said.

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"Both the name and the cake are tacky IMO," added another, not impressed by the unique name or the flashy cake.

With a play on words, a final person joked: "I hope the cake has hazelnuts to honor her hazel-nutty parents."

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