People are just realising the hidden feature on takeaway boxes that helps to let the steam out & their minds are blown | The Sun

MANY of us often spend the weekend tucking into a tasty takeaway – after all, it saves on the time it tastes to both cook and clean away.

But chances are, as soon as your order has arrived, you throw the takeaway box straight in the bin.

For that reason, you may never have noticed the secret design feature on many polystyrene boxes – and the very clever reason for it.

Anna, who posts under the acronym @annalanier2 and is also known as the ‘CEO of Randomness’, took to TikTok and shared a video where she exclaims: "I'll be damned.

"Did you know these to-go- boxes have these little tabs so they can let the steam out?

Holy s***!"


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She's then seen pressing on the small tabs that are situated on each corner of the polystyrene takeaway box.

This allows the hot steam to escape, preventing the food from getting soggy.

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Anna captioned the post: #todayyearsold I lived my whole life not knowing this… Lol."

The post has since gone viral and racked up a whopping 11.8 million views – with many social media users admitting they also had no idea about the design feature.

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"Now my food won't be soggy," wrote one.

A second quipped: "I thought it was to look aesthetically pleasing!"

A third penned: "Yes, I knew. What I don't know is why restaurants don't open them, especially fried food, before pickup or delivery, to prevent soggy food?"

Meanwhile, a fourth pointed out: "Pizza boxes have them too."

Another noted: "Learn something new every day!"

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A further simple added: "Omg!"

And one more social media user said: "For venting steam so maybe your fries don't get soggy."

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