People are sharing their tips for drying clothes without a tumble dryer & loads swear by the right washing machine cycle | The Sun

IF you don’t own a tumble dryer, or are looking to use it less in the current cost of living crisis, some savvy people have come to the rescue. 

While many people are turning to heated airers to get their clothes dry, others have a free technique up their sleeves – and it’s all to do with choosing the right washing machine cycle.

During a discussion about the pros and cons of heated airers on Facebook group, Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group, social media users complained that their laundry is still soaking wet after hours on the gadget.

This led to others putting forward their alternative ways of getting the job done and where they might be going wrong.

One person pointed out that if you pop your washing machine on a high or double spin setting, or add in an extra spin at the end, it will help to remove any excess water.

Therefore, when it comes to drying your clothes and other washing, it will take considerably less time.

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One person wrote during the debate: “Double spin your loads, it’s amazing the difference an extra spin makes.” 

Another added: “My washing is still going at the moment but it’s not overly wet when it comes out of the washing machine.

“I use a 1400 spins which removes a lot of the water.”

A third was in agreement as they said: “I always put my washing on an extra spin after the wash has finished if I’m going to be drying inside.” 

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Another person commented: “I came to say the same!

“We always double spin and they come out nearly dry.”

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While someone else chipped in with the same advice, as they said: “Could be the spin setting during the wash cycle on your washing machine not draining the clothes enough.

“Could you just spin the clothes on a high spin after a wash to drain off excess water?”

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