Prince Harry & Meghan have become the ‘most talked about couple on TikTok’ …but it’s not good news, expert reveals | The Sun

A SOCIAL media expert has insisted that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle might be the 'most talked about' celebrity couple to ever grace the screens of TikTok, but that accolade isn't necessarily a positive one for the Sussex's 'brand'.

In fact, recent research conducted on behalf Newsweek has suggested that while folks love to talk about Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle, and far more that his brother, Prince William and Kate Middleton, the chat isn't always positive.

The report, which revealed #HarryAndMeghan has 5 million views under its hashtagwhile #WilliamAndKate has only 715K views the overall tone of the conversation tended to be quite ''negative'' on social media and fans of the Royal family ''seem to favour Kate''.

According to the statistics, anti-fans of the California-based duo use Gen Z-favoured TikTok to mock and even criticise the couple.

Meanwhile, Prince William and Princess of Wales fans tend to fill the platform with various videos of heartwarming moments, such as when an adorable young boy confused Will for ''the government''.

Explaining what they had found, Eileen Kwok, social marketing specialist at Hootsuite, said: "Meghan and Harry are the most talked about couple on TikTok—but the conversation tends quite negative with most people being highly critical about their relationship.''

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Not only were TikTok users comparing the couples, they'd also taken a closer look at both Meghan and Kate – and Eileen added that fans were picking their favourites by ''taking 'sides' ''.

The comment section for videos revolving around the Royal family was described as ''heated with advocates and critics'', analysing their every move, including behaviour, fashion sense, looks and interactions with others.

For instance, when looking into the data gathered about Kate, the research found that there were a lot of comments praising her ''beauty and her timelessness''.

In a stark contrast, whilst the team needed several scrolls to find anything negative said about the mum-of-three, this was not the case for Meghan.

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The social media gurus claimed that the very first clip that popped up explored ''her scandals''.

"The crowd on TikTok loves to compare the two but the overall consensus is that they seem to favour Kate."

Similarly to Kate, Prince William, too, had been captured ''in a positive light'', with royal fans calling out his ''dedication as a dad, his kindness towards strangers'', as well as ''his 'old money' style''.

Meanwhile, his younger brother Harry had a different TikTok search bar – here, some of the most popular keywords were "Meghan," "court case" and "audiobook." 

The top clips circulating on the huge platform included videos of him and Queen Elizabeth, conspiracy theories about their marriage and clips of him and Princess Diana.

However, there were also some positive notes made, such as a clip about Harry believing Meghan has his ''mother's heart'' – this at the time of research had hit 205k views.

Another sweet video included an adorable moment where Harry tried to show his son Archie a hummingbird and found his tot a little distracted, winning close to 90k views.

From this data, the expert said, it appeared as if the crowd seemed to be searching mainly for negative behaviour – "being rude," "narcissistic," and "awkward'' are just some of the top keywords when it comes to searching Meghan on TikTok.

Although two of her most liked videos were of a positive light, these were uploaded by Ellen DeGeneres were a throwback to a stunt they did in 2021.

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Matta, a social media manager in Pennsylvania, said that despite all of this, there were still fans who loved Prince Harry and Meghan – but there were also people having conversations about the duo and what they've gone through.

Harry and Meghan have support on TikTok, as shown by the hundreds of thousands who liked DeGeneres' videos – however, these appear to inspire far less positive content generated by fans.

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