Queen Maxima sports diamond tiara with hidden link to British royals

Kate Middleton chats with Queen Maxima in 2019

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Maxima, the Dutch Queen Consort looked fabulous as usual on Tuesday evening. Queen Maxima of the Netherlands looked like she had just stepped out of a fairytale as she attended a state banquet in Sweden.

The royal wore a pale pink bespoke gown by Jan Taminiau which was cut in a similar style as a traditional sari.

Embroidered with delicate purple and pink flowers, the floor-length off-the-shoulder dress featured a cape sleeve, and she paired it with a matching pale pink clutch.

But it was her gorgeous statement accessory that stole the show, which also had a link to the UK.

The mother of three has never been one to shy away from fabulous hair accessories.

Her three-day royal tour to Sweden has been no exception and on Tuesday she looked every inch the Queen in a matching diamond tiara. 

For the occasion, Maxima donned a new version of the Stuart Tiara at the state banquet in Stockholm.

This is one of the sparkliest Dutch tiaras.

This diadem includes one of the rarest and most historic diamonds in any royal collection, the Stuart Diamond.

That single diamond alone weighs almost 40 carats, according to the Court Jeweller.

The tiara gets its name from its first recorded owner who was a member of the House of Stuart, Queen Mary II of England, the wife and co-regnant of King William III.

The diamond went back to the Netherlands after Mary and William died, hence why it eventually landed in Queen Maxima’s possession.

The Stuart Diamond wasn’t placed in a tiara until 1897.

Maxima first debuted this tiara in May 2018, but without the Stuart Diamond – just like she did on Tuesday evening.

This has made the tiara much more wearable and balanced, but still incredibly sparkly and elaborate.

The only time she has worn the full tiara was in October 2018.

Maxima swept her glossy blonde hair back into an elegant chignon on Tuesday evening and kept her makeup simple, opting for glowing skin, nude lips and a smokey grey eye.

She also sported two silver bracelets and diamond-style drop earrings.

Royal fan @Jakreg76 loved Maxima’s jewellery, tweeting: “The jewellery gods can take me now. Nothing will top this!”

Another fan, @adetemilove added: “If there’s something Queen Maxima will do, it is to bring out the bling.

“Her tiara game is always on point. I love that about her.”

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