Queen Silvia of Sweden attends Nobel Prize ceremony

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Ruby tiaras have been in the Swedish Royal Family’s possession for centuries. One of them is a gorgeous diamond and ruby tiara now belonging to Queen Silvia, but it has also been worn by her daughter, Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, in recent years. What is it like and why is it so special?

The King Edward VII Ruby tiara is an elaborate tiara covered with tiny diamonds and rubies.

It dates back to 1905, when it was given to Princess Margaret of Connaught on her wedding day.

Margaret was the granddaughter of Queen Victoria.

The young Princess married Prince Gustaf of Sweden, whom she had met on holiday in 1905.

Margaret was gifted the beautiful tiara by her aunt and uncle, Queen Alexandra and King Edward VII of Britain.

Made on commission by E. Wolff & Co. for royal jewellers Garrard, the tiara is convertible and can be altered into a necklace.

In the years that followed, the Daily Mirror described the jewel as “a regal crown, composed of the finest diamonds and large pigeon’s blood rubies set square in the new manner”.

Another jewel accompanied the tiara in its case: a diamond chain bracelet with a ruby and diamond cluster clasp.

This has been worn by members of the Swedish Royal Family in recent years, including Princess Victoria.

The Princess was seen donning it on a German state visit to Stockholm in 2021.

After a few happy years of marriage, Princess Margaret tragically died in Sweden in May 1920, and her jewellery was divided among her five children.

The ruby and diamond tiara was given to her second son, Prince Sigvard.

Prince Sigvard married a woman from a non-royal and non-aristocratic background in 1934, leading him to lose his royal titles and status.

Because of this, the ruby tiara became a “controversial” item within the Royal Family, according to The Court Jeweller.

Although two of Sigvard’s three wives (he married three times during his lifetime) were photographed wearing the tiara before the Prince lost his status, he reportedly sold the piece to his father, King Gustaf VI Adolf.

Later, the King tried to right the situation by giving the tiara to Sigvard’s only son, Michael, in 1973.

Michael then decided to sell the tiara back to the family, handing it over to his cousin, King Carl XVI Gustaf.

Since then, Queen Silvia has worn the tiara both on her head and in necklace form.

Notable occasions include the royal wedding of Prince Joachim and Princess Alexandra of Denmark in November 1995.

The tiara was in necklace form, while Silvia wore another tiara on her head – the Modern Fringe tiara, which features sparkling diamonds.

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