Savvy mum nabs loads of stocking fillers ready for Christmas from Home Bargains – and they’re all under £3 | The Sun

IT never hurts to be prepared, which is why one savvy mum has already sorted stocking fillers for Christmas.

Despite it being months until the festive season really kicks off, the savvy shopper couldn't pass up on the great deals from Home Bargains.

Daisy Woods, who goes by @muddlethroughmummy on social media, took to Instagram to share her haul of goodies from the bargain retailer.

"I'm going into Home Bargains and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I found," she raved in the clip.

In fact, even though all the items she picked up were under £3, a lot of them were even less that £1.50.

She picked up loads of goodies for her kids, including Chupa Chups DIY scented bath bombs and body wash.



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There were also plenty of Christmas-themed gifts, like the festive sticker sets, Elf face masks, fluffy socks and even press-on nails.

"I thought this Lego dupe set was really sweet," Daisy said as she showed off the £2.99 toy.

There was also a Rubik's fidget spin ball, which the mum noted her six-year-old already owns and loves, as well as plenty of Hot Wheels cars to choose from.

For artsy kids, the shop has loads of craft supplies too, including magic painting kits, scented markers and paint sticks for just £2.99.

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"I saw [the paint sticks] in Hobbycraft for almost £10," she noted.

She also picked up a secret secret diary with invisible ink, as well as PlayDoh dupes.

Other parents couldn't believe how much choice there was in the shop already.

One raved: "Amazing thank you we will be going!"

"I know someone who would love these," another wrote, tagging a friend.

Meanwhile, other shoppers have been loving the Squishmallows Home Bargains are currently selling.

One mum took to money-saving Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK and posted a snap of a Squishamllow trio lip balm set that she spotted during a recent visit to the retailer.

Amongst the selection of delicious lip balms to keep your lips shiny and moisturised is cherry, pineapple and blueberry.

There's also an assortment bag of fun nail varnish colours available in red, pink and purple.

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