Shoppers are going wild for Ugg dupes which cost just £25 – and it’s from a shop you’ll never have thought of | The Sun

LOVING the new Ugg boots' trend but not the hefty price tag?

Well, consider yourself lucky, as bargain-hunting fashionistas have found an affordable dupe that will save you over a whopping £100.

But whilst many style lovers have been raving about lookalikes from high street shops, such as Primark, these budget-friendly boots are found at a different store that's not so popular – Deichmann.

According to one customer, Keisha, the retailer is a great pick if you're after new boots that are very similar to posh designer Uggs.

The best part? Not only do they look almost identical, the affordable version costs just £24.99 – which is quite a bit cheaper than the real deal.

For instance, if you were to snap up the on-trend Ugg Tazz Slippers, which have become all the rage amongst influencers, you'd have to for out an eye-watering £105.

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Retailer John Lewis even offers a version that's costing shoppers a whopping £130.

Just like the real Uggs, the slipper boots at Deichmann come with the iconic braided detailing on top, as well as the platform.

More into the mini Uggs? The high street shop also has a dupe for you – and it comes in different colours too, including classic black and light grey.

Urging fellow fashion lovers to not sleep on the deal, Keisha wrote in the caption of the video: ''get them while u can girlies [sic].''

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Over a thousand people on TikTok raced to comments, where they tagged their pals.

One shopper was also raving about the footwear, writing: ''i got them in march and they are great i recommend [sic].''


Someone else chimed in: ''So happy I bought mine before they went viral.''

''I got a pair off Amazon last year for £10. they only lasted the winter, but now I get a new pair,'' a fashionista wrote.

''Tried them on for fun. Felt like I wa standing on cardboard. I’m sticking with my uggs,'' read a negative review.

''The sizes are all over the place, tried so many pairs too,'' another customer was also not too impressed.

Don't have a Deichmann nearby? Then pop down to Tesco, where eagle-eyed shoppers have also spotted another dupe that will save you almost £140.

The bargain buy went viral after one TikTok user,  @Manifest.Money.With.Me, raved about the £18 boots on social media.

If this deal didn't sound good enough already, the Tesco fan added you can bag the Mini Uggs dupe for a mere £13.50 if you have a Clubcard.

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