Shoppers horrified by Y2K fashion trend which is back in shops – and they say it’s giving them Peter Pan vibes | The Sun

JUST as we thought we had recovered from Y2K fashion, it looks like some of its most questionable trends are back to haunt us once again.

From kitten heels to going overboard with everything-denim, micro skirt and disc belts, the early 2000s were full of trends we now cringe over – and some should definitely remain a thing of the past.

Unfortunately, some ghosts have somehow made their way back into fashion stores again – such as these hideous slouch boots with the pointy toe.

One shopper, Erin Miller, was horrified when she made this unpleasant and shocking discovery, immediately taking to TikTok to share the news.

''When you see *this* while out shopping,'' she wrote in the video posted on her social media page, @overthemoonfaraway.

Zooming into the black boot she had stumbled across in the shop, Erin appeared stunned and lost for words.



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''Devastating news.''

Needless to say, it wasn't just the style enthusiast who was mortified by the return of the rouched slouch footwear – thousands of TikTok users raced to comments in total disbelief.

One cried out: ''Not the Peter pan boots.''

''Not the Robin Hood 3000s,'' a second viewer felt sick to their stomach.

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Meanwhile, others were more concerned about what was to follow – and fellow fashion fans, it's not good news.

''You know what’s coming next don’t you?? …. BOOTS WITH THE FURRR [sic],'' a style enthusiast reckoned.


''My question is: did they just keep all this and take it out of the storage now? It all looks exactly the same,'' an eagle-eyed social media fan pointed out.

Someone else chuckled: ''I can already see the winter salt stains.''

Speaking of Y2K style making a comeback, the most unflattering belt of the 2000s is back at Urban Outfitters – and shoppers are not happy.

One costumer, Coco Khan, raced to X – formerly known as Twitter – to post a snap of the pricey find she had stumbled across on UO.

Priced at £36, the UO Large Concho Belt comes with ''soft leather discs and metal eyelets studded throughout the once-popular accessory.

Shoppers, who can style the buy with low-rise bottoms, a micro skirt or a dress, can also pick between three colours -brown, black and white.

The round leather discs also come with ''cowboy-ready'' embellishments on the metal elements, the fashion ad revealed.

However, the trend, once loved and adored by celebs on runways decades ago, didn't appear to be a hit on social media, where fashion fans were mortified.

After seeing Urban Outfitters selling this item for a staggering £36, Chloe wrote in her post: ''*screams in ageing millennial*.

''What in the y2k is this?! The 00s most unflattering belt is back at urban outfitter for…. £36.''

The tweet soon garnered attention, amassing dozens of reposts, hundreds of likes and numerous replies.

''Wore mine with a long linen skirt when I entered my Sienna Miller era LOL, what a time,'' one X user said.

Someone else chimed in: ''Getting so triggered.



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''The super low-rise jeans, though. Nothing beats their beastly ways.''

''I could never understand why girls wore this over a long tight T-shirt,'' a bloke penned.

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