Sisters spray-paint mum’s carpet because she couldn’t afford the fancy rug she wanted & completely divide opinion

HOME hacks are getting more and more popular, with people turning to DIY jobs instead of enlisting the help of professionals or snapping up high-end decor.

Why buy something that could potentially break the bank when you can create it yourself for just a fraction of the cost? That's exactly what these sisters seemed to think while looking for a new rug for their mum.

TikTok user @officialpan5 shared a step-by-step video of the siblings putting their makeshift rug together using tape and cans of spray paint.

They took over a huge area of their mum's cream carpet and created a geometric pattern on the floor with tape, before spraying each section with a different coloured paint.

The video explained that the mum had wanted a rug for her living space, but couldn't afford to buy one, so her daughters decided to make her one using the unusual technique – convinced that their mum would love it.

When the outline was completely covered in multi-coloured paint, they pulled back the tape to reveal the finished product, but not everyone was a fan.

Thousands commented on the video, that has since been watched over 800k times, with one person horrified at the art project: "I'm sorry but I would cry if someone did this in my house. And then I would yell!"

Another pointed out that they probably could have saved time snapping up a secondhand rug for not much more money.

They said: "That looks so tacky – the price of the spray paint you literally could have went to a thrift store and picked one up."

A third agreed: "The paint costs more than a rug but ok."

"If my kids did that to my living room I would disown them straight away," another person joked.

Not convinced the design would hold up, one more teased: "It's all fun and games until someone spills water."

Another said: "It's sooooo much worse than I was expecting."

It comes after one of the sister's was seen revamping her grandmother's old wedding dress with bright blue, pink and purple spray paint and insisted: "What an amazing way to give something so special a second life."

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