Sophie’s pendant with ‘optimistic’ message connects her to the Queen

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Sophie, Countess of Wessex is the first of the UK Royal Family to visit the Congo. Her visit aims to address the harrowing impact of sexual and gender-based violence in conflict, supporting and empowering survivors and tackling stigmas.

Sophie has worn a number of colourful floaty dresses that scream summer during her visit so far.

However, it is the necklace she has worn every day that may be the most meaningful part of her look.

Maxwell Stone, creative director of Steven Stone jewellers, spoke exclusively to about the royal’s symbolic jewellery choice.

He stated: “Sophie, Countess of Wessex accessorised with a striking pendant during her visit to the Democratic Republic of the Congo.”

“Designed by Cassandra Goad, the 9ct yellow gold pendant is engraved with a popular quote by Bob Marley.

“Gold is associated with grandeur, prosperity and wealth, so it’s particularly common to see members of the Royal Family sporting it.”

However, the real meaning of the jewel lies in the writing embossed on it, and is perhaps a message to help Sophie cope through a difficult family time.

Engraved in curly writing in spirals on the pendant, it reads “Love the life you live, live the life you love”.

Maxwell continued: “The Bob Marley quote – ‘Love the life you live, live the life you love’ – has an air of optimism about it and is a touching choice from the royal, who is still mourning the death of Queen Elizabeth II, as it refers to being thankful for and nurturing the life you were given.”

It is no secret that the 57-year-old Countess was incredibly close to her mother-in-law, with Sophie having been with Prince Edward since 1993.

Maxwell added: “In this particular situation, Sophie’s choice of pendant could be seen as her paying homage to her family and role within it, as she’s made history by being the first royal to visit the Central African country.”

The pendant is currently retailed at £865 and is from Cassandra’s Classic Collection.

It is sold separately from the chain, and there are 15 chains to choose from so jewellery lovers can complete the necklace.

Aside from this, Sophie wore some less show-stopping pieces including some dainty gold jewellery.

Royals are known for their extravagance and lavish style, however these pieces are exceptionally simplistic.

Maxwell explained: “During her visit, Sophie paired the pendant with a gold and white bracelet and some gold earrings – subtle pieces that allowed attention to be placed primarily on her pendant.”

As for outfits, Sophie has stunned in three floral dresses so far on her trip.

The first was the Stormy Hearts Midi Tea Dress from Suzannah London, green with white and black flowers.

The second was a floor-length red number called the Aueline Dress, by Ghost Fashion.

This had lots of tiny white star and moons covering it from head to toe.

Most recently, Sophie wore the Villamarie Bea Henley Maxi Dress by Soler London, a predominantly white dress with bursts of colour including flowers in green, purple, red and yellow.

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