The 60-second rule to follow when washing your face – it could make you spot-free and doesn’t involve expensive cleanser | The Sun

MOST of us are guilty of not washing our face for long enough, according to a certified skincare specialist. 

Beauty buff Mattie Skincare has encouraged her fans to wash their faces, morning and night, for 60 seconds each time. 

That’s because massaging a cleanser into your skin for a full minute gives it time to actually work its magic. 

And it’s even more effective than investing in new products. 

The 60 second rule is easy to remember and doesn’t require overhauling your full routine in the name of glowing skin. 

Taking to Instagram, Mattie explained that “not washing your face for long enough” is a pretty common skincare mistake. 

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“Especially if your cleanser contains active ingredients,” she said. 

“You need to give them a chance to work before you wash them off.

“Try to wash your face for somewhere between 45 to 60 seconds. 

“This is longer than you think.”

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Mattie added that washing your face for longer is “a good opportunity to do some facial massaging” too. 

In our busy lives, we’re probably desperate to get our morning beauty routine finished so we can get out of the door.

But the long-term benefits of letting your products work to full potential is much better than saving yourself an extra minute in the morning. 

That’s because spending longer on your cleansing softens the skin, helps draw out dirt and removes any traces of make-up, sweat or pollution, in turn promoting a glowing complexion.

The 60 Second Rule is particularly important for people who suffer from acne, or women that experience hormonal breakouts. 

It will also properly prepare your skin for all your lotions and potions.

A clean base means serums and moisturisers will be able to absorb quicker and penetrate deeper into layers of skin. 

As far as facial massaging goes, spending a full minute every morning and night letting your fingers work on your face can relieve muscle tension and aid lymphatic drainage. 

This converts into a lovely glow, making that extra minute on your morning routine not seem so bad after all.

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