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KNOWING how to keep your house warm during these blisteringly cold days is essential.

And although it's tempting to switch the heating on all day – many of us can't afford to thanks to pricey energy bills despite the price cap dropping.

Thankfully, a heating expert has revealed one way to help reduce the cost and make your house heat up a lot more quickly.

It's thought that most Brits will spend a staggering £1,923 a year between October and December on energy bills.

But you might be able to get it down with a very simple hack.

Nic Shacklock from said  this simple trick will not only make radiators work better, but also heat homes faster.



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He explained to the Express that bleeding radiators can release built-up pressure in the system.

If a radiator is cold at the top when it's switched on then it likely needs to be bled.

Bleeding out any trapped air will reduce pressure in the system and get heat out faster to warm up the room, he added.

To remove air pockets from radiators, you will need to use a radiator bleed key.

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Removing trapped air from radiators will keep the radiators working at "maximum efficiency" while also reducing pressure in the heating system.

Nic added: "Bleeding radiators regularly means they won’t take a long time to warm up, in turn helping to reduce energy bills."

Radiators should be bled when the central heating system is turned off and the radiators are cold.

Other ways to ensure you radiators work as effectively as possible including not hanging clothes directly on them.

British Gas engineer Joanna Flowers said: "Don’t dry clothes on your radiators as this will make your boiler work harder to heat the room."

Households would be better off using a heated clothes airer and they only cost around 10p an hour to run.

Avoid having furniture pushed up against radiators as well so that the heat can properly circulate the room.

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